Clarksville, Tennessee




This is our field operations manager. He’s a no nonsense type of guy when it comes to work but one of the most pleasant fun loving people to be around.
He’s a proud father and loving husband. You can always catch him daydreaming about the beach, too.
“What’s for supper?!” should be his catchphrase because supper time is his favorite time of the day. Fun fact - he’s a tree expert. Thank you for all you do, Derek!


Meet our Crew Leader Gauge! He takes pride in his work and treats each property as his own. He loves cooking homemade meals and spending time with his loved ones and animals.. Anything that goes VROOM is right up Gauge's alley. He’s a motors man. Thank you for all you do, Gauge!


Tyler is one of our Crew Leaders! He enjoys being outdoors, hunting and fishing. Tyler is also a family man. After doing great work at MowTime all day, he gets to go home to 5 beautiful women. You read that right 5! His wife and 4 daughters, which includes a set of triplets! Thank you for all your hard work, Tyler!


Brandt is a crazy cool cat! He’s got a great work ethic and tackles any task or challenge given to him. He is a valued member of our team. He enjoys martial arts and a good old fashioned homemade sandwich. He is currently training for his next fight. Everyone wish Brandt good luck at his upcoming fight!


Do you like your pizza thin crust, deep dish or New York style? We have our very own slice of New York. Mr. David not only looks good while at work, he does good work! If you want your lawn looking extra saucey he’s your man. “Enjoying whatever life throws at me and living one day at a time.” We like your style, David. Keep up the good work and the good looks!


Everyone say hello to Donny! Donny is a family man, “spending time with my wife and grand-babies.” His favorite day of the week is Taco-Tuesday’s! You can find him hiking, enjoying the outdoors and having fun in his free time. Thank you for your positivity, hard work and dedication, Donny!


If you have a question ASK JAMIE, he will have an answer! He’s thinking about an answer for you in this very photo. Mr. Jamie has 20+ years of experience in the industry. His plant knowledge is unmatched. He can even teach you a thing or two about pool! Not only does he tell the best stories but has the coolest gadgets. Thank you for the years of friendship and hard work.


They say do what you love and love what you do. Josh loves music and nature. When Josh is out there doing his nature trimming thing he is moving and grooving to his favorite beats. He is our very own “MowTime veteran and a weedeater captain!” Thank you, Josh always keeping it funky and fresh!


Crew leader Kris!
He’s a family man who loves to work work work and takes pride in anything that he does. Kris is one heck of a handy man! Building with his hands and striping yards are some of his favorite hobbies. His Favorite food is steak!
Fun fact... He has 4 daughters, a beautiful wife and a female dog. That means he’s out numbered at home! Thank you for all your hard work, Kris!


If Mr. Manny can't do it then no one can! This proud, Puerto Rican father is a chef at home and a rockstar at work. He has landscape training directly from Mickey Mouse at Disney World! He has played AAA pro baseball and his heart is where the horses are. Thank you for your positive attitude, hard work, and great leadership!


Mister Michael is a proud MowTime employee. He is a Nashville native but now calls Clarksville home. You can find him out on the water fishing for something yummy to bring home for supper. That’s how he earned the nickname GrillMasterMike! He’s a proud father and family man. His family, including their happy hound, enjoy going for walks and watching comedy movies. Thank you for all you do, Michael!